Get your daily dose of posi-vibes with Colouring

Sometimes it’s enough to focus on the simplest, most bare elements – a click, delicate strings or haunting keys for example – and when you have a voice as silky smooth as Colouring’s frontman Jack Kenworthy, well you really don’t need much else.

London four-piece Colouring are something all of their own. On Heathen, they show ultimate patience and restraint, creating a mesmerising, floating tune that will take you up into the clouds and have you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

It’s delicate and full of emotion, laced in a sense of romanticism. Kenworthy wrote it while in a state of Brexit-Trump induced shock, saying he felt powerless and frustrated over a lock of control of the future, but seeing the way the world responded changed things. This is a song about believing in each other, coming together, and having hope.

If you need some posi-vibes, wrapped in a beautifully enchanting, Safia-esque package, you’ve come to the right place.



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