Sigrid is definitely not killin’ our vibe

20-year-old Norwegian newcomer Sigrid has dropped an absolute belter in the form of her debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe. Self-assured, full of confidence and pretty pissed off, she packs a punch. Don’t let the cruisey intro fool you, once her powerful vocal kicks in, wrapped in echoing drums and layered with scattered synths, it makes for one helluva earworm.

This is the energetic, shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs track we all need. Whether it’s the reserved verses, anthemic chorus or the perfect singalong-clapalong bridge Sigrid is most definitely not killing our vibe.

Sigrid is currently splitting her time between her home in Norway and London, but if this single — and the reception it’s received — are anything to go by she is more than ready for stages all over the world. She already has slots at Brighton’s Great Escape and SXSW, huge things are definitely on this budding popstar’s horizon.

She’s followed up this beauty with two more belters so make sure you keep an eye on her.



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