Think sand, sweat, an ice cold drink and this new tune from courtship.

Los Angeles duo courtship. caught our attention with their debut single, last year’s Stop For Nothing, but it’s their third single, the dreamy, oceanside wonder that is Sail Away that has us hooked.

Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon have a real knack for taking what is essentially pretty devastating, and making it feel so blissful that you won’t even notice. They’ve crafted a surefire summer banger here, think sand, sweat, an ice cold drink and this tune. No matter where you are in the world, or what season it currently is, Sail Away is sure to turn the heat up to 40 degrees (celsius of course, 104 for you Fahrenheit types).

It’s a straightforward banger, combining all the catchy, bubbliness that we love about pop music and some sweet, sweet synths perfect for booty shaking. Whether it’s in a packed out crowd at the Summer’s hottest music festival or a bit of lounge room dancing at your next house party, courtship. have definitely got you covered with this one.



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