White Wash is the dreamy electronica you need to hear pronto

If you haven’t already got Australian musician Connor Brooker on your radar, now is definitely the time. This guy wears a lot of musical hats — from the garagey, pop punk vibes of Pro Vita, to the bright, upbeat earworms of Bugs, the bedroom indie pop under his own name, or the dreamy electronica of White Wash — one thing is certain, he can write a great hook.

What makes Brooker so special is his incredible versatility, the way he has developed so many distinct, yet exciting projects is insane. Where most artists struggle to keep active and interesting with just one project, and subsequent side projects end up lacking the love and creativity of the original, Brooker thrives.

White Wash’s latest single Face Palm enters into new territory — even for him. The quirky production and fun songwriting lead into a chorus that is bound to leave you smiling and humming along for days to come.



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